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2019 has shown that Entprima Live's music works. Over 120,000 streams in 67 countries on Spotify alone are enough motivation to lure the dance floor in 2020. So, "Kopf aus & Beine an".

J9 already produced a pop-rock album with Moritz Grabosch (former band member) in 2012. Since the 2000s, she has also been a regular international singer, also for other bands, and enchants with her temperament and strong, warm voice. iKAB's second musician's heart beats for metal music. 10 years metal-band Monoblock and 3 albums belong to his work. So producing your own music is not entirely new for either. The music-genre dance-pop connects both musicians' hearts. Some can hardly believe it. But J9 is spared from shouting and iKAB can continue headbanging.