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They say, when you read a story you imagine your own scenario.
I made, a track that makes you imagine your own story and its scenes!
☢︎ From the moment you click play, there’s no going back! So put your headphones on, lean back, be ready to pass 12 “no-feeling” minutes, close your eyes and enjoy your own trip!
Cactus In The Desert (Stereo Mix) is an Electro-Acoustic Progressive Ethnic Techno music, which makes it unique in style.
〠 Besides, no matter how many times you play it, you won’t be able to count the melodies and sounds in it; and even if you try to count them you will find yourself floating with the Arab melodies and lost in the desert.
Composer: GIO-z.
Vocal: Wael el Fashni.
Oud: Jabe Fayad.
Clarinette: George Frayeh.