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Drowsy - An Album by Mr. L


The album explores the ability to be conscious of the bliss in life normally connected to ignorance and using that facade to show happiness.

Album includes:

The Disclaimer(Part One)
Clean Bass
Epic Ego
Drink Away The Drama
Don’t Sit Next To Me
Waisting Time(Out Here Like)

The Disclaimer is warning message about the exaggerated content and direction of album inviting listeners to overate the artist.

Frenemies is about using the bad energy that enemies bring and keeping them close to use this critique to make myself stronger.

IDC is a homage to an old school hip hop vibe that illustrates how I feel about being the older guy debuting as an artist. It has been crafted for that call response concert performance energy.

Clean Bass was created to help the audience hear a glimpse of what’s to come from the new production team created in the process of this album. It is a celebration of hearing the songs in the club and the confidence we have while bumping our music to the world with some clean mixes.

Epic Ego is about connecting to the ego in our brains that makes us fell invincible and knowing that it is ok to have the uber confidence in ourselves to get through our days.

Drink the Drama Away is a song written as a pub type anthem perfect for singing along while having drinks with friends. The message buried in the lyric suggests that the drink is not the way to avoiding issues in life but it can provide temporary relaxation. It comes from the perspective of not having time to indulge in your daily drama.

Flaws connects to the moment of meeting someone and respecting that we have flaws and when and why we reveal them. It provides the artist understanding of surviving our flaws.

Tangy is here for us to party but the embedded message states that men also have moments that have to refuse opportunities to be with amazing women. Some fun and slang are introduced here to create a concert party vibe.

Don’t Sit Next To Me celebrates the idea of friendship and knowing that its needed. The idea is simply, don’t sit next to me if you aren’t looking for a friend. The title was selected to create interest by a casual listener reviewing the track-list. In my experience I have examined people never getting to the end of the album. The title in itself is click bait.

Wasting Time is a message to listeners that doubted the artist ability to understand the time and struggle needed to deliver music. The artist wants you know that he values time and does not want to waste it.

Busted is about needing more time in the moment when confronted with betrayal and it is very clear that something wrong was done. The song begs for a minute to think of a response that can save a relationship. The song isn’t about the resolve or what mistake was made and only addresses the need for time to explain.