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Pipeline is known by surfers as the ultimate wave. It’s unpredictability provides surfers with a thrill that is unmatched by any other wave.

Kalibrplus is proud to announce its third and most daring compilation
to date. “Pipeline” delivers some of the gnarliest sounds in techno,
bass, gqom, idm and so much more in its undertow. The compilation is a collaborative effort, that highlights kplus’ ability to bend musical
and cultural differences into something sonically undeniable.
released July 10, 2020

Artwork: Ikhwan Waliyudin Gani
Mastering Engineer: Morad Enayet
Music Production: Mohammed Abnoaf, Phyllis Josefine , Georg-Christoph Stadler, Abigail Press, Josh Tan, Morad Enayet, Talal Al-Saymaree
Art Direction: Mohammed Abnoaf