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New indie-pop song now out on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Instagram, TikTok and more!

Eclectic Music Lover: "Drawing from a colorful kaleidoscope of shimmery synths, Mandalan adds a mesmerizing percussive beat to craft a dreamy, almost exotic soundscape that evokes a sun-kissed faraway place. Then there’s Cadence XYZ exquisite vocals that so beautifully complement the sultry vibe of the instrumentals."

Lefuturewave: "HOW WE LIVE is an amazing track. I really like the powerful melodies. Besides, the vocal performance is sublime."

Swell Tone: "We loved the stark beauty of this melody at the opening of the song"

AnalogueTrash: "We liked the soaring, emotive quality to the vocals, sweet blend of Gothic and folk."