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A guy. A girl. A coffee shop. They notice each other from across the room. The attraction is undeniable. Soon they are sitting together chatting over a cup o' joe, then, an overpowering urge comes over both of them! They can not help themselves! They both get up and begin to dance to the coffee shop background music and don't care who's watching! It might be love! 

Former Miss Georgia Pam Kennedy teams up with J Donte for
IT MIGHT BE LOVE (The Coffee Shop Song)
© 2008 ℗ 2021 written by Jayne Olderman and Joey Melotti
Produced by J Donte, Jayne Olderman & Joey Melotti
Background vocals: J Donte & Joey Melotti
Piano and keyboard Bass: Joey Melotti
Guitar: Anthony Papamichael
Drum programming: J Donte
Strings: Jayne Olderman
Mixed and Mastered by Jan Hrkach
Video created and edited by Jayne Olderman